British Chinese Kickboxing & Kung Fu Association

Founded in 1996 by Alex Barrowman, BCKA (British Chinese Kickboxing Association) was formed with the aim of taking fighters of all skill levels to international competitions.

Combining his knowledge of both Lau Gar Kung Fu and kickboxing, Barrowman went on to create a training syllabus aimed at adapting and developing unique fighting skills, as well as retaining the discipline of martial art. This syllabus was then taught to existing and beginner martial artists, encouraging all skill levels to enter competitions and have the opportunity to compete internationally.

Two decades later BCKA still practices the same ethos, encouraging all who willing to work hard enough for it to compete with the elite. Although new techniques have been added, the core part of the syllabus has stayed the same, giving all students a grounded start to their martial arts career.

As the club has grown, it has branched out from it’s Corby home into other UK counties, continuing to enthusiastically teach students, helping them to boost self-confidence, fitness and martial arts techniques.


More than just a martial arts association, BCKA is a family of Instructors, coaches and most importantly friends, we are a team who encourage, respect and support each other throughout training and competing.



After a successful domestic and international fighting career, Shifu Alex Barrowman turned his attentions to teaching the next generation of world class martial artists.

Armed with the knowledge of traditional fighting techniques, experience and a drive to play a part in the rapidly evolving sport of Points, Barrowman devised a syllabus to radically push the fitness and ability of his fighters. Although modernised and progressively developed, the initial syllabus is still taught today, helping to install the traditional benefits of martial arts within students and allowing them to push themselves to their highest limits.

Although his competitive fighting days are behind him, the cycle of learning and teaching continues, passing on vital information to students and maintaining the balance between traditional martial arts and it's modernised successor.



Guardian of the Lau Gar Style

Head of BCKA Team England

Head Executive


WKC England Team Manager