BCKA England Squad Selection

The following names have been selected for the BCKA England Squad 2013/2014 to go to the Irish Open


L Spinelli

L Seymour

K Heron

K Carr

A Carter

B Johnson

TJ White

E Paddock 



D Laing

K Wilson

N Milanov

J Bristowe

L Gemmill

E Reed


C Munday

F Molloy

C Cameron

H Taylor

K Wilson


C Harris

K Grant

T Swailes

S Collinson

J Redman

N Gemmill

MEN :-

A Barrowman

K Williams

R Wooton

J Key

C Brown

G Brown

W Stanton

T Digan

A Godden

R Winham

L Gold

Three more spaces to be confirmed from:-

I Leggett

J Harris

A Agheglia

D Trozzi

T McLeed

H Stanton

J Johnson


Please confirm that you wish to take your place on the BCKA England Team directly with Alex Barrowman.  If we do not hear from you within 1 week your place will go to someone else.

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