WKC World Championships 2010

The WKC World Championships are inching closer and closer everyday and for 15 fighters from the BCKA will be the culmination of months and months hard training.


This year the World Championships are being held in Albufeira, Portugal during the first week of November. The following fighters alongside BCKA Chief Instructor, BCKA England Team Coach and WKC England Team Points Manager, Alex Barrowman, will be travelling to Portugal to compete as part of the WKC England Team:


Alex Barrowman Jnr, Corby - Points

Barry Kang, Kettering - Points

Cat Harris, Rushden - Points and Continuous

Daniel Balch, Lincolnshire - Points and Continuous

Jo Redman, Rushden - Continuous

Kevin Williams, Corby - Points and Continuous

Kieren Wilson, Corby - Points and Continuous

Lee Murray, Corby - Points

Lewis Gemmill, Corby - Points

Max Halligan, Corby - Points

Nicola Gemmill, Corby - Points

Reece Dalton, Lincolnshire - Points and Continuous

Richard Faller, Kettering - Points

Richie Wooton, Corby - Points

Ryan Winham, Corby - Continuous


All of these fighters qualified for and “won” their place in the team at the WKC England National Championships in March 2010 by coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective categories. The BCKA actually had more fighters qualify but not all were able to take up their position in the team.


Everyone at the BCKA would like to wish the above fighters and their coaches all the best at the World Championships. For those who are interested and part of our BCKA Facebook Page updates will be posted whilst the team are in Portugal to let you know what is going on.


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