WKC English National Championships 2010

The 2nd WKC English National Championships took place on March 28th. The BCKA took a strong team of 25 fighters up to Manchester to participate. With many strong performances over the course of the day 21 fighters from the BCKA qualified for this year's World Championships in Portugal by winning a medal in their category. In total 26 medals were won, 4 golds, 8 silvers and 14 bronzes.


Many congratulations to all fighters, in particular those that qualified for the World Championships – lots of hard training now for the World Championships, to be held in Portugal in November.


Full Results

Semi Contact (Points)



Evan Balch – Kids -30kgs Points – 1st Round

Daniel Balch – Kids -40kgs Points – 1st Round

Lewis Gemmill – Cadets -45kgs Points – 1st Round

Max Halligan – Cadets -50kgs Points – Gold

Kieren Wilson – Cadets -55kgs Points – Silver

Reece Dalton – Cadets -60kgs Points – Bronze

Grant Brown – Juniors -70kgs Points – Bronze

Alex Barrowman – Juniors +70kgs Points – Bronze

Ryan Winham – Juniors +70kgs Points – 1st Round



Nicola Gemmill – Cadets -55kgs Points – Gold

Nicola Gemmill – Juniors -55kgs Points – Gold



Richard Faller – Men -60kgs Points – Bronze

Lee Murray –Men -60kgs Points – Bronze

Kevin Williams – Men -65kgs Points – Gold

Ross Clark – Men -65kgs Points – 1st Round

Richie Wooton – Men -70kgs Points – Bronze

Richie Wooton – Men -75kgs Points – Bronze

Aaron Godden – Men -75kgs Points – 1st Round

Lee Burns – Men -80kgs Points – Bronze

Barry Kang – Men -85kgs Points – Bronze

Roger Kang – Men +42 Veteran -85kgs Points – Silver



Cat Harris – Women -70kgs Points – Silver

Katie Grant – Women +70kgs Points – Silver



Light Contact (Continuous)



Daniel Balch – Kids -40kgs Continuous – Bronze

Kieren Wilson – Cadets -55kgs Continuous – Bronze

Reece Dalton – Cadets -60kgs Continuous – Bronze

Ryan Winham – Juniors +70kgs Continuous – Silver



Toni Lawrence – Juniors -65kgs Continuous – Bronze



Lee Mullineaux – Men +35 Veteran -65kgs Continuous – Silver

Brent Penniston – Men -70kgs Continuous – Bronze



Jo Redman –Women -65kgs Continuous – Silver

Cat Harris –Women -70kgs Continuous – Silver

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