FSK Open Championships 2010

On 28th February the BCKA travelled up to Manchester to participate in 2010's FSK tournament.  A total of 20 fighters took part with the BCKA largely 'cleaning up' at the event coming away with 8 gold, 9 silver and  7 bronze medals.  A great day was had by all with the results shown below.


Well done to all those who fought for the splendid effort, skill and dedication shown.

Full Results

Boys Points
Evan Balch – Pee Wees (Under 8 years) Points - Bronze
Daniel Balch – Boys (Kids) -38kgs Points - Bronze
Lewis Gemmill – Boys (Cadets) -45kgs Points - Silver
Max Halligan – Boys (Cadets) -50kgs Points - Gold

Reece Dalton – Boys (Cadets) -60kgs Points - Silver

Ryan Winham – Boys (Juniors) +70kgs - Silver


Girls Points

Nicola Gemmill – Girls (Cadets) Points - Bronze

Nicola Gemmill – Girls (Juniors) -55kgs Points - Gold

Sophie Collinson – Girls (Cadets) Points – Bronze

Sophie Collinson – Girls Juniors) -65kgs Points - Silver

Mens Points

Richard Faller – Mens -63kgs Points - Gold
Lee Murray – Mens -63kgs Points - Bronze
Kevin Williams – Mens -68kgs Points - Gold

Ross Clark – Mens -68kgs Points - Bronze
Richie Wooton – Mens -74kgs Points - Silver
Danilo Trozzi – Mens -85kgs Points – Silver

Danilo Trozzi – Mens Veterans -85kgs Points - Gold

Women’s Points

Katie Grant – Ladies +63kgs Points - Silver

Boys Continuous

Daniel Balch – Boys (Kids) -38kgs Continuous - Gold

Reece Dalton – Boys (Cadets) -60kgs Continuous - Silver

Steven McCready – Boys (Cadets) +65kgs Continuous - Silver


Mens Continuous

Alex Pickering – Mens -63kgs Continuous - Bronze
Brent Penniston – Mens -74kgs Continuous - Gold
Lee Mullineaux – Mens Veterans -75kgs Continuous - Gold

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